Development - Wheel Generator 1.9

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Re: Development - Wheel Generator 1.9

Post by lottoarchitect » Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:13 am

Unfortunately in terms of development, no user can assist really. Users can help in suggesting improvements to existing or propose new features for discussion however. The current development is a major upgrade in all ends. WG has minor improvements at this stage and will get a whole rework later to support several new features (unique as far as I can tell). Most work over the last year has been to GAT, the new overall backbone structure to support everything (that is LOTS of work), the new website, GATOL and some other side tasks too. I have more free time right now which is dedicated to development. The sad thing is, everything has to be implemented so to be able to release the upgrade, unfortunately I can't make gradual releases at this point, which is the main reason nothing new came out this year. The final date is coming however but please don't ask when exactly this will be. :)

Getting used to it
Getting used to it
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Re: Development - Wheel Generator 1.9

Post by money3309 » Wed Jan 23, 2019 3:58 pm

hi there lottoarchitect, all these improvements you mentioned sounds great and i for one am very anxious to try out the new features, if i get some time i do have a few suggestions that may help that i have learned. but.... i do have a question for you .... do you know and do the coding yourself for your software or have a team helping ?? wanted to know because i need to hire a coding / programmer to make me a filter for my local lottery. if interested let me know or if you have a suggestion best to get this done, looking at freelancer, upwork, or guru to have it made.would you know of a better place ?

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