WARNING on hacked/pirated/cracked versions on the web

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WARNING on hacked/pirated/cracked versions on the web

Post by lottoarchitect » Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:51 am

Dear potential future users, I regret to say I have been observing a "flood" of attempts to hack/crack my programs, especially GAT Engine. I have to warn everyone that:

1) ALL these hacked/pirated/cracked versions do not work - no exceptions to that - in fact some are very dangerous viruses to the naive user. I have been testing such hack attempts for years (I have examined about 10 or so hacks for GAT Engine till now and 5 or 6 for Wheel Generator, 3 latest hack attempts only within the last few months). Till now hopefully nobody has managed to make a working hack due to the advanced protection. So, even if visually such hacks may look like they work (e.g. the hacker removed the activation window or the program indicates it is activated), you should be aware that the programs actually do not work. It will be unfair to judge these programs using a non-working hacked version which by design produces bad outcome so to be unusable. Since no hacked working versions exist, it is impossible to evaluate the real performance using pirated versions. Because of that, if the potential user wants to evaluate the quality/performance of my systems, it has to be done only using the original programs in demo mode and the provided functionality that allows such testing.

2) Unfortunately, over the last few months (and a couple of years ago too) some users did actually used such hacked versions and reported errors, poor performance/results, strange behavior etc. What they report is actually a clear evidence that they did use a hacked version, although they'll not acknowledge that. The reason of such reports is simple: hacked versions do not work the same way the original versions do. Use the original setup programs and the demo mode they offer along with the provided functionality to evaluate the real power and performance of the programs.
The original versions can be downloaded only from the links provided at the official website.

The reason of this post is to warn potential users of bad hackers that embed viruses intentionally in their unsuccessful hack attempts and furthermore, judging the programs using these non-working hacked versions is pointless, assuming the user did find one without a virus.

take care

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