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Export Import Run State

Post by draughtsman » Sat May 25, 2013 6:56 am

A scan can be paused and then all current analysis data to the point of when the Pause was effected can be stored and then reaccessed for subsequent use. In GAT this is known as saving the Run State. There are a few points to be aware of when operating GAT in the saved Run State mode and they are as below as copied from the Help File.

1. No lottery may be loaded into the G.A.T. system i.e. on program open the last used lottery is automatically loaded – this lottery will need to be closed.
2. For the lottery being analyzed new draws may be added to the draw history (since the Export function was invoked) but these do not impact on the imported data as the saved state also includes its own relevant draw history information which is unaffected by any changes made at the draw history.
3. The menu items under the Function tab - other than the Odds Calculator - are dynamic. Thus the Export Run State and Import Run State commands are only displayed if all associated relevant activities are satisfied i.e. no other lottery loaded (for Export).
4. All Option settings and the current draw history up to the point of Export are included in the Export/Import Process including any retained GAT ID’s.
5. Should any modifications be made to the draw history after importing a saved state they will reside in memory only thus protecting the imported file from any variations that would make any newly generated GAT table data incompatible with the saved state data. Not until after the scan run performed with the imported file has been terminated and closed is any data appended to the draw history file.
6. The active Lottery name has a colour change to yellow to confirm that the current active scan is that of an imported file.
7. Any GAT ID’s saved from the Browse List into Retain GATs whilst running the Saved State are only stored within this Saved State – they are not transferred or made available to the parent/normal mode of operation.

I wish to highlight Point 7 above. Be aware that if you are analysing under saved Run State mode and you decide that there are some GAT IDs in the Browse List that you would like to store into the Retained GATs panel then these stored/Retained GATs remain only within the Run State mode - they are not transferred across into the normal mode data set. Also be aware that if you do Retain some GATs under Run State then it is necessary to re export your scan again to ensure all data is saved. If at the end of such a scan the data is not saved/exported then any GATs added to the Retain list will be lost.



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