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All or Nothing with G.A.T. Engine

Post by BUX » Sat Apr 25, 2015 3:04 am

Since I don't see a thread discussing a lottery with this specific format pick (12of12/24 OR 0of12/24 to win 1st place prize), I'll create this thread to seek suggestions AND present what I come up with.

All or Nothing is a lottery game where you can win two ways: matching all 12/12 numbers out of 24 drawn, or missing all 0/12 numbers out of 24 drawn. The closer you are to getting all or none of the numbers drawn, the bigger prize you can get. Numbers are drawn from a physical machine.

For more info: ... thing.html
The flaw with this game is it's poor prize distribution, but perhaps this program could better suit such games because of the smaller # of possible outcomes?

I've for awhile searched threads on the use of certain G.A.T. functions and what to do and not to do, and so far, I know I should be doing the following:
- If I want to play AoN Night drawings only, I should only input the Night drawings and make that an independent game from say, AoN Day drawings; the game is ran four times a day, therefore I should treat each draw timeframe as a different and new game.
- So far I've really liked the "G.A.T. ablation" thread on removing numbers, since it has worked without failing for me in 5/37 and 6/54 games. I'll see if this can at all help if the software can predict numbers that WILL or WON'T be drawn.
- User-defined format of 6 + 6BBs/24 so the program will predict 12 numbers, because that's how this game works. Before running GATs, Click on active field and select the 6 Main Balls + 6 More Balls field to actually have all 12 balls in the panorama.

Some questions which I should find out later:

Given the fact that the biggest spread of number frequency of the most hit and least hit numbers are (406-343)=63 over a course of 755 draws; is this significant enough to assume there is a signature?
Which approach in trying to pick the numbers is better, picking losers or winners?

I'll post again when I've answered something of my own, or found approaches to this.

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