PowerBall Approach - Australia New Format

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PowerBall Approach - Australia New Format

Post by cotech » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:38 pm

Hi LA,

Australian POWERBALL has recently undergone a format change and I would like to obtain comments
and feedback from members about some queries I have in regards to implementing analysis
around picking Powerball numbers for future draws.

I was just curious to find out what relevance is the old Powerball historical results as input to the new PowerBall
Game when using analysis techniques based on the new format ?

Previusly the Game drew 5 numbers from 45 numbers from the first barrel and then the powerball was drawn from
a second barrel of 45 numbers. The new format now requires 6 numbers to be matched from a pool size of 40 numbers
and the powerball number to be drawn from a second barrel with a pool size of 20 numbers.

How does the change in format affect the way analysis is done on this game in its new format ?
And what kind of results will it produce ?

Is it totally useless and one has to start from scratch and wait for a substantial amount of
historical results or one can get value and benefit from the old historical results.

Your thoughts and viewpoint would be greatly welcomed.


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